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Our Mission is to focus on Custody Laws Worldwide ...

The purpose of this website is to try and initiate a change in custody laws worldwide.  Mothers should not automatically ‘acquire' children as part of a divorce settlement, or by law as a single parent.  I firmly believe that it is unnecessary for so many abuse cases if only custodianship were thoroughly investigated.  This should be done before defenceless, vulnerable children are handed over to incompetent parents .

We, the parents and citizens are the lawmakers.  Those who care, need to educate, agitate, and lobby for change. That includes examining closely how our institutions and culture engender these tragedies. Overall, a key advance of the Enlightenment has been reversed: childhood has been un-discovered.

Please do not let all Riley Ann Sawyers' torture, pain, suffering, and untimely death be in vain.  Let us not forget this little angel's pain with the passing of time.  Let's not allow her to become just another statistic.  Rather let us use her pain and suffering to initiate changes in custody laws worldwide according to our children's needs ... as soon as possible.  We don't need statistics - we need changes! 

If you have any further information that you would like to add, kindly contact me at the below mentioned email address :

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